The best t-shirt niches you can find in 2020

The Best T Shirt Niches You Can Find In 2020

in T-shirt design on August 22, 2020

If you are wondering how you can give your t-shirt business a successful start, keep reading it. As we will uncover all the best t shirt niches available for you right here.
With the correct niche, you can give your business astounding success. This works best for a t-shirt business due to the graphic content available for a t-shirt. People are attracted to things they can relate to. So, you have that option to attract people to buy your t-shirt using the specific niche that is in demand.
Let’s get right into the list to check out some of the niches. We will also try giving you some insights into selecting a t-shirt niche.

The best t shirt niches list

When it comes to t-shirt niches, you can’t think for yourself only. You will need to think about the people and what they would like to have. That’s why we have got these top teespring niches that were found through a lot of thoughts and research. Let’s check them out.


Well, t-shirts are mostly worn by youngsters. And jokes are an integral part of youth as well. So, people of that age like to have jokes printed on their t-shirts. Because everyone loves to be perceived funny. And if you can bring a smile on someone’s face with a t-shirt then why not. Also, these t-shirts usually get a lot of attention for having funny jokes on them. They can be used as a unique conversation starter, as well.And getting attention is obviously a part of dressing up. So, this is a pretty popular niche you can try out for your business. But you need to make sure the jokes aren’t offensive and don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

TV- shows, comics, anime, manga:

Due to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many other streaming services, TV-series are quite popular and hyped right now. This is where you get a business opportunity by printing different tv-show posters on t-shirts. People love to own merchandise that features their favorite tv-shows or their characters. This also attracts mostly the teenagers as they are more into Netflix and stuff. Apart from tv shows, you can try out going for cartoons and anime as well. Anime is becoming a popular source of entertainment for many people. And having those anime characters printed on the t-shirt looks good. This is undoubtedly one of the most used and common niche ideas you can get on the internet. But it sure is effective.


There is a whole other niche for gaming. You can’t put it in the entertainment section. If you choose gaming as a niche, you might not need to think much more. Because the gaming community is really a big portion of the world, they are also very passionate about all these games and their merchandise. So, you can surely do a profitable business with this kind of niche. Gamers love to have their favourite games and characters on their t-shirts.


This is without a doubt one of the most profitable t-shirt niches you can find. Because music is entirely universal, no matter where you go, you find a music enthusiast everywhere. From there, you can start up your t-shirt business forming over the music niche. You can print the famous band logos and names on t-shirts and start selling them. The best part about this is you won’t need to spend too much to get quality music niche t-shirts. There aren’t many complex designs in this niche. You can also try printing song lyrics on t-shirts. That is also a big seller.

• Pets:

People love their pets more than anything else. Some consider them family members. Even the people who don’t have a pet will surely love to have one. Everyone loves pets. That’s why it’s a popular niche for t-shirts. You can print out different pet images on t-shirts and sell them. There are so many varieties you can go through in this whole section.


Travel enthusiasts love to have merchandise related to traveling. They are undoubtedly passionate about traveling. So, you can make that a selling point and sell t-shirts based on traveling and different locations. Maybe have some quotes regarding traveling and being a traveler.
These were some of the popular and profitable niches you can use for your merchandise business. All of them have their own significant audience who are very much passionate about that stuff. So, they will surely give these a try without a doubt. Now let’s see how you can select a niche for your business.

Selecting a suitable t-shirt niche

As you can see, there are a lot of choices in terms of niches. But in order to select one, you will need to check up with your surroundings and your audience. You will need to know about the people you will be targeting.
Can’t possibly target older people and choose a niche such as jokes or gaming. You will need to consider some factors. Look around you and check what people are mostly into. If your surroundings are of gamer, then you go for that and choose a sub-niche on that.
If you have a surrounding where people are into movies and shows you can go for that. And if you are targeting a young audience in general, you can go for jokes. Basically, you will need to check up with your surroundings to conclude.


Hopefully, with all this information about the best t shirt niches, you can start your merchandise business. Try sticking up to a particular niche to make yourself a unique brand. We tried to show you the most popular and used niches you can work with. With all these, you can’t possibly fail in the merchandise business if you have done things correctly.

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